Multicentric COPD study

on 07 May 2010.

To deepen the understanding of chronic lung disease, asthma and COPD, to develop new treatment options, thus alleviating the suffering of those affected, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) founded in 2009 the Competence Network for asthma and COPD and AsCoNet.

A core project of AsCoNet is a study involving 3000 patients. In Germany, so far there is no sufficiently large data base which allows to investigate the course of COPD in detail. The aim of the study is therefore to develop a national COPD cohort that can serve as a basis for long-term follow-up and a variety of special studies.

In COPD, the morphological and functional changes often affect not only the lung, often patients have also seriously concomitant diseases. Due to the fact that COPD also occurs with diseases of the cardiovascular system, the investigation of the corresponding parameters has a particular importance. To determine vascular changes, the non-invasive parameter ankle brachial index is measured by VascAssist device.

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